16 August 2007

Why butter flavored topping? Why not!

Movies. Food. Really, what else is there in life? And what better symbol of that most beautiful union between film and food than the fake butter than makes reel life so enjoyable and popcorn bags so transparent?

Welcome to Butter Flavored Topping, my space for navigating my dual passions. Because can you think of anything better than dinner and a movie? (Rhetorical question, stop thinking about it.)

My reasons for kick-starting this uber diary are mostly selfish. Having to keep up with this blog means having to watch more movies, cook more, go out to more restaurants I've been meaning to go to. I'm hoping this blog will duplicate the state of mind I get into during fantasy football, which is an insatiable, unreasonable, mind-numbing, relationship-ruining desire. Or something reasonably close to that.

By all means, please comment as I hope this becomes a place for discussion. You won't hurt my feelings if you disagree with me. You'll just be wrong.

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